9/11, a day to remember

We watched the film called “9/11”, which is a documentary about the day where four planes were hijacked by the terroristgroup Al-Qaida. The movie is made by the two brothers Jules and Gideon Naudet, who initially ment to make a documentary about a rookie in the FDNY.  They had followed the rookie named Tony for about two months, and 9/11 was just another day of filming, then the inhuman attack stroke. The two brothers caught the biggest terror attack ever, on film. This is my blogpost about personal thoughts on the matter, on the day which went down in history as one of the worst ones ever.

2438388.jpg//I would like to start by saying that I do not know quite how to express myself regarding thi
s day, this movie, it all. Because who am I, a person who were not even old enough to walk and talk properly, to speak. Who am I to make up my mind, and have a say in what is the right or wrong way to react. Whatever I say it makes me feel like a know-it-all, which is wrong on so many levels. What can I say, that is not already said? Probably not much. Despite all that said above, if I did not care that would also be wrong, that would be worse. So even thought I were not a part of it at all, I still care for the people that were and I want a say in it because I care. The day people stop to care about the past and people not a
ffecting them, we loose something very important, we loose something human. So here is “just” another text about 9/11, except it is not “just” another one, it is my text and my proof that I care.//

On september 9th 2001 in the United States, four commercial plaines were hijacked by 19 terrorist from Al-Qaida. Two of the plaines crashed into the twin towers in N.Y.C, the third one into the Pentagon, and the fourth and last one, went down by help of passengers in open land, initially headed to Washington DC. About 3000 people were killed, from 93 nationalities in total.

Many people think that 9/11 is the most brutal terror attack of all times, myself included. You have the story of what happened, the story that is told and written down all over the world. Then there are also thousands of individual stories, each one different than the other. Every person affected by 9/11 has their own story. In a way there were one huge attack on the United States, in another way there were thousands of attacks, on thousands of people from 93 nationalities.

3000 lives, 3000 families left behind. Each of the 3000 people that were killed left a family behind, a family left in sorrow or with a seek of revenge or with a huge empty space that won’t be filled ever again. There is a youtube video of a girl talking to her daddy, who died in the attack, at a very young age not understanding in the beginning that he is gone. As the video continues she grows older, and tells her dad about the small things in life, such as what she ate for dinner. She repeats the sentence: “can you hear me”. This video is without doubt the most genuine manufacturing of how the families left behind must feel, not just the ones connected to 9/11, but in general. That is in one way the beauty of the situation, how people can relate to the feeling – and how people comfort each other and help each other after an inhuman action like 9/11. After the terror attack in Norway in 2011 where a man went through with an awful terror attack, someone said: “If one man can create so much hate, think how much love we can create together”. Personally I find comfort in this sentence, and others may as well.

Inhuman? Horrible? Tragic? What words describes 9/11, maybe we should not define it? Maybe we should. I would use inhuman. What is there to say? The best way is to comfort each other, I think. Dont be afraid, dont be the people the terrorist want you to be. Stand together, no one should deal with something inhuman alone.

During my adolescence I have heard about the conflicts in the middle east, and how it is connected to 9/11, the war has been going on forever it feels like. They killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011, and many people felt closure. On the other hand, it marked the beginning of another terror-group on the rise, ISIS. That must show that you cannot fight terror with revenge. I do not have the answer on how to deal with terror, but taking revenge just leads the world into a vicious circle, and that is not what we want – is it?

9/11 should never ever be forgotten, yet we should learn from it and the consequences in the aftermath of it.

Antonio Aversano lost his dad that day, he said: “Love does not end when life ends.” Well spoken.

Written by a member of society that does care.

— Martha S Raaum





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