The problem with chromium 6

Hinkley residences claims that they used the chromium type no. 3, which is not dangerous for humans, but it is shown that they used chromium type no. 6, which is highly dangerous. The company that delivered the chromium was PG&E, who claimed that their chromium was not dangerous and yet so many people got ill. The chromium got into the ground water and let to many people getting it in their systems, and then again it caused many types of illness.

The chromium atom it self is not dangerous, but it has ions, which simply explained is different types of an atom based on the total number of electrons and protons, an ion will maybe have some extra electrons or protons and it is therefore possibly very dangerous. As a consequence a chemical can go from being something great for the body to being toxic. Chromium is an example.

Chromium no. 6 is also called hexavalent chromium. Chronic inhalation of the chemical, or water polluted with it is highly risky and will lead to illness. The recommended exposure limit of the chemical is 0.2 µg/m3 i, in Hinkley the people got so much more of the chromium 6 inside of them that what was recommended, and no one warned them before Erin Brockovich raised a case against the people up in the system that pulled the strings and brought in money.

Few people know how bad the chemical really is, but it can actually cause many types of illnesses in different areas: several types of cancer, problems with the skin and the eyes, reproduction problems, as well as problems with the respiratory tract.


— Martha S Raaum


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