Redemption day


We have watched the movie called Erin Brockovich, which is based on the true story about the woman called Erin Brockovich. She was an uneducated, unemployed, single mother for three children. Then she talked herself into a job in a law firm, where she filed papers while learning about law and the different systems around it. Then one day she comes over a case and starts fighting for justice. The case is against the energy corporation PG&E. A lot of people suffer from the chromium in the groundwater that the Hinkley residents, a place owned and driven by the corporation, let out because it contains the dangerous type of chromium. Eventually she wins the case, against all odds.


Erin herself.

Erin made a huge difference in many peoples lives, without any education or resources in advance. She was only driven by sheer determination. I believe that it is possible for one person to make such a huge difference if they fight for something they are determined about. If you have enough will dere is almost nothing you cannot do. Erin Brockovich is one example, but there are other ones during the history. For example Martin Luther King Jr. he made a huge different because he fought for something he believed in, and something he knew was bigger than himself. If you fight for something you know or feel is bigger than yourself, and are able to put all your personal needs aside, almost anything is possible. Another example is Malala who won the nobel peace price. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malala did work on much bigger matters than what Erin did, yet do I believe that the driving force is quite similar.

In addition to see the bigger picture it is also about being able to see the individuals, and if a person can manage to combine them I believe that almost anyone can change people’s life for the better.

On the other hand it might not always be easy, and when you talk about reforms there are often many people who are not willing to go change things because it will lead to less income or it does not benefit them. But then it is about ignoring those people and keep on pushing through for the greater good. In the end there comes that one day, the redemption day when you managed to push through and you face all the grateful people and it was all worth it.

— Martha S Raaum


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