Review of a review

Philip French wrote a review on the movie ‘Life of Pi’ in 2012, it is a well written review that includes a lot of aspects from the movie. By tolking the language I would say French is positive to the movie, he sees it from more of a “deep” kind of view than what I did myself. He uses words and frases like: “his magnificent new film” and “fascinating”, and we can conclude by reading that that he obviously enjoyed the movie, so it is important to know that as a person who like the review he may have a hard time to see reasons why people would not like it. Personally I think it was a little bit too dramatic, and the plot drowned in other elements, such as good acting and special effects. I cannot find any directly negative opinions in French’s movie-review.

He points out and talks about the two main characters: Pi and Richard Parker. He tells of how they got their names, and in addition he describes Pi’s thoughts during his adolescence. By doing so he writes about a lot of the plot in the movie, in addition he has mentioned several happenings from the boat where Pi is stranded alone with the animals, and that is almost all of the movie. Personally I would not include that much.

The director of the movie is Ang Lee, a man from Taiwan. The reviewer calls the director one of the world’s most versatile filmmakers. He mentions a lot of Lee’s earlier work, by referring to earlier movies and mentioning to his different techniques.

The review does not influence my view of the movie, I would say not at all actually. To be very honest he writes of it in a blurry way, he uses too many difficult words and even though he does not write from his point of view prominently, it seems prominent and crucial for the review. I do think though that he has written a better review then me, and as a viewer you should probably read both reviews before watching the movie.

— Martha S Raaum




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