A beautiful mystery

We have watched the movie ‘Life of Pi’, it came out in 2012 and became a huge success. The movie is based on the book with identical name, written by Yann Martel.

In the movie we watch a story being told by Pi Patel, it takes place in  India and at the ocean. The story is the main part of the movie. It all begins  with Pi, his brother, mother and father living in India. For a living they run a zoo, with a lot of wild animals. One day, the support they get to drive the zoo is cut off, and they have to move and sell all the animals. They board a Japanese cargo ship with all the animals, and head for Canada.During the boat-trip a storm hits the ship, which lead to it sinking and Pi ends up on a lifeboat alone with an orangutang, a hyena, a zebra and a male bengal tiger named Richard Parker. During the rest of the movie we follow Pi’s trip across the ocean with the animals on the tiny boat. It is them against the nature.


We basically see a story about survival and not giving up faith, no matter what the odds are. In this picture you see Pi together with the bengal-tiger Richard Parker, they are out on the ocean. All alone.


I think the highlights of the film was how good it was made, the movie it self is made in a great way – and the light is very good. Also I think it is a huge plus that they have used good actors, so the roles are convincing and proper.

I guess you could call it the plot twist in the movie, a scene that comes later on after Pi and the animals start their adventure, I will not mention it because it reveals a lot, but I think that is disappointing. To put it in other words, I did not like the end so much. The one that wrote the script should be praised, because I think the lines during the whole movie are entertaining and well suited for the setting. There is just the right amount of words. There were some special effects, they had to use a special kind of lighting for example, they have managed that perfectly and that is a plus.

To sum up, I think the movie was good. Despite that I personally do not like the plot that much, and the movie seemed like it did not really dig enough in to the story, and it did not go so deep underneath the surface – I suppose that is a downside by creating a movie based on a well-written book. Over all I think that it is worth watching though, because how well the photographs in the movie are.

— Martha S Raaum


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