The Pursuit of Happyness

We have watched the movie called “The Pursuit of Happyness”. The story tells us about the struggle of an american man with his about five years old son, trying to make a living for the both of them. You could say it is a stereotypical story of an american man – he is tricked in to invest all of his money on something that is hard to make a living of. That makes him loose hope, and he ends up broke – his family falls apart, then he have to rise. The movie shows us the beautiful father – son relationship between Chris and his son Christopher. No matter how hard life is for Chris he never lets it out on Christopher and meanwhile his son helps him keeping up the faith. Christopher is his motivation.

I really liked the movie, it is based on a real story and that makes it more appealing. Also the main characters: Chris and his son is played by a real father and son: Will and Jaden Smith, this adds something special to the movie – makes it more heartfelt. In addition a lot of movies are so predictable and everything goes smoothly, but this movie shows the shady sides of the American society, where everything is not smooth and it is impossible to predict how it will end.

— Martha S Raaum


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